MREs For Sale – How To Separate The Best From The Rest

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If you are on looking for MREs for sale, you may have realized that the choice is rather wide. In fact, you may be struggling to decide which of the MREs you have found so far would be the best ones to buy. As is the case with pretty much any purchase, some options are of a high quality, some are mediocre and others are options which you would be best to avoid! Let’s take a look at a few of the factors which you should take into consideration if you are planning to buy MREs.

How Much Should You Expect To Pay?

Knowing the typical price for a case of MREs will help you to avoid options which offer a poor quality product, as well as to avoid paying over the odds. In general, a case priced between $45 and $60 is an average price. Of course, someone may be selling cases for a little less or a little more, however, if the sale price is drastically outside of this price bracket you may want to avoid the seller.

Don’t forget you will also need to pay for the case to be shipped to your location. The price bracket of between $45 and $60 is the sale price before shipping is added. Again, you may find sellers who are hoping that buyers will pay over the odds by charging an extortionate shipping price, even if the actual case price is pretty reasonable. Find out the weight of the case and check the average price to post such a package to your address. If there is a huge difference in price you would likely be better to look elsewhere.

Where Can You Find Good Quality MREs?

When it comes to finding a good choice in MREs you have several promising options to choose from, allow us to outline these options now.

Army Surplus Stores

If you want to go to a place which will almost certainly sell MREs, an army surplus store is the place for you. However, even though you may be able to make a definite purchase here, you may not be too happy with how much it will set you back. Often, these types of stores charge the most for MREs. That being said, if they offer a promotional deal or are dedicated to providing good prices to customers you may be able to purchase high-quality MREs for a reasonable price.

Even though army surplus stores may charge more for MREs than the other options we will outline below, these stores do offer one distinct advantage. Sometimes, the stores sell, or are willing to sell, individual MREs. This is ideal for people who only have need of a single MRE, or several at most, without feeling pressured to purchase a whole case. For people who are compiling survival bags, plan to go hiking for the day or have some other short-term use in mind, being able to purchase individual MREs can be much more cost-effective.

Various Shows

Some outdoor shows offer MREs and often the prices can be very reasonable. In addition, you may be able to purchase separate MRE components. For example, you could buy entrees, sides, snacks and so forth, choosing the ones you want and need rather than having to purchase full MREs.


These days you can buy pretty much anything online and MREs are no exception to that rule. Of course, whilst buying online comes with many advantages, it also comes with a few disadvantages. Since you cannot physically see the item you are purchasing for yourself, you need to pay special attention to the online details, as well as the seller’s reputation.

What Should Look Out For?

Pictures Of The MREs

Even if the price seems great, don’t be tempted to buy MREs from an online seller who does not provide pictures of what they are selling. The site should provide pictures of the actual case which you will receive should you make the purchase, as well as details on the contents.

Date Should Be Clearly Visible

Look out for sellers who clearly show the date packed/inspected as well as the date and menu types for the MREs. These details should be evident on pictures of the case. From these details, you will be able to work out how old the MREs are and the type of MREs which you will receive.

Good Customer Service

If you are thinking about purchasing from a particular online seller, test out how good their customer service is before you make the deal. As well as making sure that the site has plenty of details on the MREs, contact the seller to make a few further inquiries. If the seller quickly and professionally responds and seems knowledgeable and helpful this is often a good sign that the products you receive will also be of a high-quality.

Indeed, MREs are a useful commodity for many people and in various situations. However, finding the best MREs to purchase can certainly take a little time and effort. How can you do all in your power to make a great choice?

Firstly, familiarize yourself with the typical price for a case of MREs. In general you can expect to pay between $45 and $60 for a case of MREs, however, don’t forget that the shipping costs will need to be added to this price.

Next, make sure that you know where you can look for high-quality MREs. Army surplus stores are certainly one option worthy of consideration, especially since you are able to buy individual MREs. In addition, various shows can offer cases of MREs at reasonable prices and with the option of buying separate parts to suit your needs.

However, for many people, the option to buy online is most convenient. If this is the case for you, be sure to use the tips we have outlined above to give yourself the best chance of making a successful online purchase.

How To Find The Best MRE Meals For Sale On The Web

There are many companies today that specifically make MRE meals for sale. These are also known as meal ready to eat products, similar to the ones that were originally made for the military, but now people purchase them as a survival or backup plan. There are many people that like to be prepared. They understand that if something goes wrong with the supply of food, they will be able to live for several weeks, or even several months, if they have enough of these meals that will last for years. Here is an overview of what these products are, and how to find MRE meals for sale that will be exactly what you are looking for.

What You Should Know About MREs

There are many different meals that are available from companies that produce them. These are self-contained meals that were originally intended for people that would need what are called field rations. They were designed for those that were in the US military, and eaten by those that were in combat zones all around the world. They understood that finding a hot meal would not be possible if troops were in different countries. There was also the possibility that they may not be able to get back to their base camp in order to get food. These are compact, easy to store, and will last for extended periods of time because they are vacuum sealed, allowing them to have a very long shelf life. Originally, there were only a few different types of meals available. Today, not only does the military have more options, but there are a multitude of different MREs meals ready to eat they can be purchased from civilian companies. There is a reason that these have become popular, primarily the results of people that are concerned that something could go wrong with our world. Some people believe this could be the result of a world war. Others believe it could be a natural catastrophe. Regardless of the reasoning, they want to be prepared and the best way to do this for most of them is to stock up on MREs that are available in their area or on the web.

mre meals for sale

What Type Of MRE Meals Are Actually Available?

There are quite a few meals that are available from different companies worldwide. For example, you can get genuine US military surplus meals that come in a stylized box. They will contain several different types of meals, contained within boxes that will hold 12, 24, or even larger boxes that can be delivered right to your door. They are usually in what appeared to be aluminum or foil bags. They will be marked with what is inside. Each of them is going to follow a certain protocol when making these meals, regardless of the actual meal that has been prepared and packaged. On a basic level, there is going to be the main course, crackers, bread, and a side dish inside. They will also provide some type of dessert, as well as a snack, and there will also be powders that can be used to create different types of beverage. Some of them will have coffee, whereas others will have cocoa. There are also meals that will have sports drinks or even milkshakes. Each of the packages will have utensils, or if there is only one, it is typically a spoon as this is the most versatile utensil that you can use for all of the different types of food that must be eaten. Included in the package will also be a flameless ration heater which is capable of heating up the food that you are going to eat. There will be a beverage mixing bag, and an assortment of accessories. This may include chewing gum, napkins, toilet paper, water resistant match books, outlets for wiping your hands, and a wide variety of seasonings plus cream and sugar.

Popular Meals That Are Made Today

There are so many different stores that sell MRE meals. It’s hard to believe that this industry has come so far. Gone are the days where you would only have a choice of three or four different types of meals. You can now get hundreds of different meals from dozens of companies that are in this industry today. For example, when you go to some of these websites, you can find meal packages that are gluten-free. Some of them are specifically for breakfast, whereas others will be focused on those that are meat eaters and others that are for vegans or vegetarians. They may also have packages that will have what are called survival seeds. This could be anything from flaxseed to Chia. They also have energy drinks which can provide people with that extra energy that is necessary to get through their day, drinks that will have anything from caffeine to natural vitamins and supplements. Some of the meal packages that you order will have breakfast, lunch and dinner. They will have anywhere from 120 servings to several hundred servings per each box. All of the meals are going to be vacuum sealed so they can last for up to 5 years. This is far longer than they would last decades before. Examples of entrĂ©es that are now created include Italian pasta, cheese and broccoli, and even sweet-and-sour Chinese food. You can get macaroni and cheese, cheese soup, and classic salads that many people prefer.

How Are These Healthier Than They Were Before?

When you read the product information that is required on each of the packages, you are going to see what type of ingredients are in the meals that are prepared. For example, you may have purchased a very specific type of MRE package that does not contain wheat, oats, or even cornmeal. There are many people that are allergic to milk, soy, and different types of nuts including peanuts. Other information that you will see on the packages is how much the food weighs, how many calories are in each of the packages, and whether or not it is GMO. It will state if it is for vegetarians, or if it is kosher certified. Information may also tell you if it is saturated fat-free. Some people prefer having meals that have no trans fats, or at least very little fat, and you can purchase packages that can cater to your particular diet. In addition to this, many of the packages will have cholesterol free and high-fiber food packs. Some of them are also sodium free for those that are suffering from some type of cardiac or heart disease. As you can see, there are many different choices available today that are designed to attract a much wider audience. Although this is something that you probably will not use on a regular basis, it’s nice to know that you can have food that is available which you can actually eat, courtesy of these companies that now prepare a wide variety of MRE meals.

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How To Find MRE Meals For Sale Online?

When you do a search for meal ready to eat sale on the web, you will be directed to a large number of websites that have been providing these MREs for years. You can actually go to large websites like Amazon where there are vendors that are specifically using the built-in buyer traffic that Amazon can provide to find people that are looking for MREs to buy. Another way that you can find some of the top distributors of these meals is to find a website where they are evaluated. People will actually purchase the smallest packages from each of these businesses and try them out to see how everything tastes. They will evaluate everything from how the package, how the food tastes, and if the advertising actually matches the MREs that are sold. Sometimes companies will state that they have a particular product, but you may not receive what you have ordered over the web. It’s also good to work with a company that is going to have everything in stock. If you place an order, they should be able to deliver this immediately. Some of the top companies in the industry include The Ready Store, Valley Food Storage, XMRE Meals, and a multitude of other businesses that have only the best products available. Once you have gone through these evaluations and reviews, you might want to consider ordering from a couple of different businesses. Once you have tried out some of their smaller packages, you will know which one is making the best tasting MREs, as well as who is marketing them for the lowest prices.

How To Find Special Deals On MREs Today

The easiest way to get special deals on these freeze-dried food packs is to search for MREs meals ready to eat special offers. Those that are advertising on the web will target specific keywords that buyers are going to search for. If you do this, you will automatically find some of the top businesses that are advertising their products. For example, you might see a few of the top companies that are currently running special deals on packages that they are selling currently. You could go to a store like The Epicenter and see what they have to offer for discounted prices. Go through the different products that are on these websites such as MRE full meal cases, entrĂ©es and sides, sandwiches and bread, snacks and desserts, and even beverages and drink mixes. The more that you buy, the lower the price is going to be for each one of the individual MREs, so keep that in mind as you are doing your research. Many of these companies also sell accessories that you can use, and you can also purchase heaters, spoons, toilet tissue, and even a military style can opener if you need one. After you have compared all of the prices for similar meal packs and accessories, you will know which company is offering the best prices. You can go directly to the sections on their website where it says specials, and see what each one of them is currently offering. It’s only by doing this diligent research, and looking at the advertisements that you will find online, that you will be led to businesses that are selling MRE packages for less. If you have the money to do so, it is definitely a positive investment into your future in case something traumatic occurs which will require the use of MREs for an extended period of time.

A Couple Final Tips

Other tips that you should consider when searching for MRE meals for sale is that some of these special deals are only available for a limited time. It’s a good idea to work with a business that allows you to shop by category, type, bulk items, and also serving sizes when you are trying to decide on what to get. These companies that are offering special deals will often offer free shipping if your order is large enough. Make sure that the shelf life is at least a couple of years, and try to find a business that sells their meals at the lowest possible cost per pound. As recommended earlier, you should try to or three different companies just to make sure that the quality of the food is worth the money you are going to spend. If you are enjoying the meals from one of these companies above all of the others, this is the one that you will want to make your purchase from when buying MREs for emergency purposes.

Although some people could be purchasing MREs because they enjoy camping, or going on long hikes, other people are worried about the future. This has actually spawned the creation of all of these companies that offer meal ready to eat packages, and has also motivated them to create more products that cater to a wider audience. Whether you are a vegan, vegetarian, or just a regular person that is looking for a way to stock up on food for emergencies, MREs can easily be found. Take your time in comparing the different companies that offer these products, and by the end of the week, you should have your shipment coming to your doorstep courtesy of one of these MRE manufacturers.

MREs Make A Great Survival Food Option For Your Family

You can greatly benefit from MREs for survival purposes. Where can you get the best options and what can you do with them? It’s not too difficult, and you will find that out when you check through the text below.

MRE stands for meals ready to eat, such as XMRE. They are used in many situations, but you’ll hear about them being used by the US military the most. They are pretty standard as the rations soldiers use because they come with everything needed to have a meal. You get, for instance, drink mixes and a heating pouch to help you cook the food. As you can probably tell, this is good to have in storage if you want to make sure you have food if something goes wrong where you live. They can be used if you’re in most situations so they’re useful no matter where you’re located.

Depending on where you store the meals, they should last up to 5 years.They are also designed to last 21 days if you have to just survive on them. You could even use them to supplement foods you already have for survival stored back so you can switch back and forth to use them for longer. It’s important that you keep them in good conditions, because they can last 5 and a half years if everything is at a good temperature but only will last a very short time in extremely cold or hot temperatures.

Have you thought about the different types of MREs you want to order? There are many meal types, and the ones you get depend on who is selling them. Find websites that let you see what the options are and when they were made so you can get the most time out of them. If they aren’t going to be used and are nearing the time of their expiration dates, they can be safely eaten by you and your family. Some people really love the food as a fun meal with their kids or for themselves just because of how much stuff comes in them.

MREs for survival need to be bought from a trusted source. After all is said and done, there will be a few choices you have to make. What you get and how well it works out for you largely depends on using the tips here to help you out.

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